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          Welcome to Zigong Weite Valve Mfg Co.,Ltd!

          Professional valve manufacturing r & d experts

          About us
          Professional independent research and development team

          The company has a high-quality, professional professors, senior engineers and professional technical personnel composed of r & d team, with strong technical strength and rich experience in engineering design and construction.

          Efficient,high quality,high cost performance

          The industry more than 20 years, covers an area of 15,400 m2, after many years of process improvement, quality improvement, market development, Weite valve has become the world's leading professional ball valve Manufactuer.

          Product quality and service guaranteed

          The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system and APIQ1 system certification, API6D system certification, TS certification, CE certification, and obtained a number of national patents, looking forward to cooperating with you

          • Weite Valve
          • Weite Valve
          • Weite Valve
          • Weite Valve

          Zigong Weite Valve Mfg Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and located in Zigong Aviation Industrial Park, Gongjing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province. It has a plant area of 15,400 m2 and is equipped with a technology research and development center. The company has 137 employees, 10 engineers, and 17 technicians,12 qualified welders with certificate, 11 non-destructive testing personnel have level Ⅱ certificate(RT, UT, MT, PT).This is a manufacturer specializing in the production of valves,Selling Various ball valves (types of floating, fixed, top mounted, all welded, metal seal HPHT, V type, multi-way etc.) made of carbon steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel, alloy. we can provide range DN 1/2”—40”(DN15-1000mm), PN Class 150 -- Class2500 (1MPa - 42MPa).Working temperature -196°C~680°C .

          Our R&D team consists of experienced superior valve experts and engineers that can according to customers’ requirement for OEM and ODM. Most important that we strictly enforces the quality control of ISO9001 , APIQ1, API6D, ASME, B16.34, API608, BS5351, ISO17292, DIN etc. Our products can widely use in the industry of Petroleum, Natural gas, Chemical, Light, Ore pulp, Electrical, Food, Metallurgy, Coal-to-liquids, long distance pipeline and various industrial facilities.


          Products strict quality management and whole process monitoring
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          To provide you with high quality | reliable American standard ball valve

          To provide you with high quality | reliable American standard ball valve

          American standard ball valve wedge seal construction. American standard ball valve door is provided by the mechanical force of the valve stem the ball wedge pressure to the seat and seal so that the v...

          25 2019-12

          We supply reliable | high quality American standard ball valve

          American standard ball valve emergency shut-off valve is a hydraulic control valve. It is composed o...

          25 2019-12

          The manual ball valve with reliable | stability is introduced

          Manual ball valve itself compact structure reliable sealing simple structure convenient maintenance ...

          25 2019-12

          To provide you with good quality low temperature ball valve

          The ball of the cryogenic ball valve is elastic. Ball and seat sealing ring are made of metal materi...

          25 2019-12

          Supply reliable | convenient emergency shutdown ball valve

          The emergency shutdown ball valve ball is fixed and does not move under pressure. Fixed ball ball va...

          24 2019-12

          CAE technology and its application in valve industry

          In recent years?with the development of computer?technology and?computational methods?computer aided...






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