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          CAE technology and its application in valve industry

          Time:2019-12-24 00:00:00Source:Visits:1109

          In recent years, with the development of computer technology and computational methods, computer aided design has become the primary means of modern design methods and tools. CAE technology and software is one of the key technical elements. CAE as an interdisciplinary simulation analysis technology, more and more science and engineering attention. Many large-scale CAE analysis software is alreadyquite mature and has been commercialized, computer simulation is not only widely used in scientific research, but also in engineering has reached a practical stage.

          As the world manufacturing center gradually shifted to China, the valve manufacturing industry in our country has also undergone a series of major changes: (1) the valve products, showing a large parameter, high reliability, complete sets of automation,trend, and with the increasingly large numbers, are increasingly high grades,technology intensive and the additional value greatly increased; (2) by massproduction mode, the past few varieties and small batch and multi varieties to,according to user's request in the direction of the development of manufacturing, the structure of the product diversification needs of increasingly complex; (3) the enterprise due to market pressure. Most of them are at present sales situation, short delivery cycle, quality, delivery time and price of products has become the impact of three factors determining the competitiveness of enterprises. These characteristicsare put forward higher requirements for product design technology. Modernenterprises must adopt advanced technology, shorten the development and manufacturing cycle, reduce cost, improve quality, so that enterprises have a strong ability to respond quickly to respond to the requirements of users, and according to technological development and changes in market demand, timely adjustment of the type and structure of product.

          CAE (ComputerAidedEngineering, computer aided engineering) technology, refers to the calculation and analysis of simulation analysis in the engineering design, including the engineering numerical analysis, optimization of structure and process design,strength and life assessment, motion, dynamics simulation. Engineering numerical analysis used to analyze the performance of the product; designed to ensure product function, process based on the structure and process optimization, the optimal performance of the product, process accuracy; structural strength and life assessment designed to eva1uate the product whether it is feasible. The reliability and service life for many; motion, virtual prototype dynamics simulation is used to completethe modeling of CAD simulation of kinematics and dynamics simulation. From the process oriented, practical technology development point of view, the core technology of CAE for the finite element technology and the virtual prototype of the motion,dynamics simulation. Further analysis of CAE, its specific meaning manifested in the following aspects:

          (1) the analysis and calculation of the product structure stress, deformation and other physical volume using numerical analysis of engineering techniques in the finite element distribution, given the amount of the physical fields in space and time, to achieve the structure from the linear, static analysis, dynamic analysis to thecalculation of nonlinear;

          (2) the use of process optimization design method to meet the constraint condition,the design process, optimize the design of the structure, technical parameters,structure shape parameter of product, make the product structure, process to achieve optimal performance;

          (3) gauge theory, method, using the structural strength and life assessment, to make the reliability and life safety, eva1uation and estimation of structure;

          (4) the use of motion, theory, method of dynamics, by CAD solid modeling design of the mechanism, the whole exercise, dynamics simulation, given mechanism, machinemotion trajectory, velocity, acceleration and dynamic reaction force of size.

          Shows that the modern design method, product design, although only accounted for the entire cost of the product is 5%, but it affects the whole cost of products 70%. In the design process. If it is determined that the product structure, the shape of parts,materials and precision, then the product cost from 70% to 80% will be determined. To the new product development cycle, product design for more than 50% of its cycle.Statistics show that. China's engineering and technical personnel for product design,the workload of about 40%, the rest of the time spent on access to technical standards, manuals and some ancillary work. But the product design work only 30%belong to new product development. About 70% of the designs are carried out based on the original. From the valve industry situation is even more so. According to statistics, failure is almost 50%~90% of the structure or components are due to material fatigue caused by. According to the analysis of the causes of pressure pipeline accident on 200 1996 labor department shows that the design causes accounted for 11%. Visible, the design work in the position of the valve manufacturing industry is very important. Proved in recent years, the digital design technology in the manufacturing industry, the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industries,is the only way for the development of modern manufacturing industry. According to expert estimates, due to the development of modern science and technology, the development of the next 15 years manufacturing technology over the past 75 years.

          Manufacturing industry is the vitality of the innovation of the product, so the valvemanufacturing industry. The realization of the key of innovation. In addition to design ideas and concepts, the most important is the technical support. That is, the use of advanced and reliable CAD/CAE software. But the analysis module function of mostCAD software is too simple and general purpose, truly accurate quantitative analysis of projects still need to be solved relying on professional CAE software. Businesses are increasingly comprehensive and diversified needs, contribute to the development of digitized design technology. The distance between the CAD and CAE of the twoand the track is more and more near, CAD/CAE integrated development trend. CAE technology can bring huge economic benefits to the product development of industrial enterprises






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