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          Welcome to Zigong Weite Valve Mfg Co.,Ltd!

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          Fully Welded Ball Valve

          Fully Welded Ball Valve

          • Design standardAPI6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DINConnection endsRF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket weldedOperationManual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc. Nominal diameter2" – 48&...
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          Design standard

          API6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DIN

          Connection ends

          RF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket welded


          Manual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc. 

          Nominal diameter

          2" – 48" (DN 50-DN 1200)

          Pressure range

          CLASS 150 – CLASS 2500 (Mpa 1.6- Mpa 42.0)


          carbon steel、stainless steel、20#steel 、Nickel alloy、cobalt alloy




          Petroleum、Natural gas、Chemical、petrochemical、Power station、Metallurgy、Papermaking etc. 

          Double Block Vent
          According to API6D, when valve is fully closed , the medium in the central cavity can be vented ,also the valve can be made into full or reducing bore. 
          Anti-static Design
          The conductivity of the metal parts (such as body, ball, support ring, stem) isolated by rubber or plastic seals are ensured by the stainless steel spring which obeying BS5351.The ball has no pressure balance hole so the central cavity pressure can not be adjusted when opening, therefore when the valve is fully closed or open, the central cavity pressure can be vented without changing the operation conditions so that effective inspect and maintain the valve seat and stem.
          Blowout Proof Stem
          The stem and ball are separated and Blowout proof designed according to ASME16.34   and BS5351 standards. There is a whole shaft shoulder with self lubricating thrust bearing is pinned under the bonnet.
          Dual-Seal Seat
          Each supporting ring is independently floatable and reasonably designed as internal pressure self sealing (dual-piston effect) to cut off the medium, it is two-way dual-seal type and the repeated sealing design has a double barrier effect on the fluid, which can ensure the downstream also can finish seal in case of the sealing failure in upstream. When the medium is liquid, over-pressure in the valve cannot be released back into the pipeline, so it needs to install pressure relief valve in the vent.
          Valve Seat
          The valve less than ASME1500# pressure uses rubber seat to ensure double sealing effect. Primary is metal sealing, secondary is soft sealing; higher pressured valve uses plastic seat, such as nylon or enhanced PTFE, to ensure airtight soft sealing on the ball; in addition, dual rubber and plastic seat are recommended to use on the valve without transition layer stainless steel internal parts in very low pressure.
          Dual-Seal Stem
          Using two PTFE oring for dual sealing the valve stem , so that realizing the replace the outer oring on valve stem under pressure.
          Urgently Sealing
          If the valve stem and seat support ring seal damaged, using proper sealing grease for temporary repair. In fact, the bonnet and the valve body or gland all have grease hole to prevent leakage caused by the stem or supporting ring seal damaged. The grease hole and groove designed reasonably for distributing sealing grease , each hole has a check valve inside so equipped with a quick connector connecting the grease gun.
          All valves can be equipped with manual station or 1/4 actuator.
          Fireproof Design
          All valve design standards can meet the requirements of API607/API6FA/BS6755:PART2. Using fluorine rubber (such as VITON) instead of Graphite for the connection of inner parts and valve body can pass the fireproof test which also obeys the international standard.
          Discharge   Connection
          Each valve provides a discharge port and vent, where can fix a plug or valve according to the requirements.
          Extended Stem
          When the valve needs install underground, the stem can be extended. Meanwhile, the   pressure relief valve, drain valve, grease valve are also extended to the appropriate position.
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