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          Welcome to Zigong Weite Valve Mfg Co.,Ltd!

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          Cast Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

          Cast Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

          • Design standardAPI6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DINConnection endsRF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket weldedOperationManual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc. Nominal diameter2" – 48" (DN ...
          Products Content

          Design standard

          API6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DIN

          Connection ends

          RF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket welded


          Manual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc. 

          Nominal diameter

          2" – 48" (DN 50-DN 1200)

          Pressure range

          CLASS 150 – CLASS 900 (Mpa 1.6- Mpa 15.0)


          carbon steel、stainless steel、20#steel 、Nickel alloy、Cobalt alloy




          Petroleum、Natural gas、Chemical、petrochemical、Power station、Metallurgy、Papermaking etc. 

          Upstream Seal Two-way Valve
          Fixed ball valve uses advanced spring preload floating valve seat assembly. The design mechanism of upstream seal can ensure good seal in low pressure, high pressure, vacuum. Each valve has two seats and both sides can be sealed, so no direction restriction when installing, both ends can be upstream end for it is a two-way valve.
          Double Block Drain Valve
          When fixed ball valve is in the fully closed, the fluid will be completely blocked by the upstream and downstream seat, so the medium and dirt in the central cavity can be discharged. this can reduce dirt damage on the valve sealing surface so as to prolong the valve life.
          Compound Seal
          when medium flowing inside valve includes solid particle and slurry, customers can choose our proper compound seal which divides into soft material seal and metal to metal seal, the main seal uses soft material , secondary seal uses the other one. So that the metal to metal seal can brush   away solid particle and slurry attached to valve body surface in order to not affect soft seal seat, meanwhile soft seal seat is made of wearable rubber , even if some part solid particle and slurry attach on soft seal seat, it also can resist slurry abrasion. this seal type can ensure no leaking and prolong valve life time.
          Self-relieving Central Cavity
          The fixed ball valve uses spring preload valve seat, when the pressure of stagnant medium in the cavity rise up abnormally, the spring will be compressed then release pressure automatically.
          Full Bore and Reducing Bore
          We supply full sizes or diameter shrinkage structure according to applications. Full bore valve flow aperture is consistent with the pipeline diameter so can clean it easily.
          Fireproof Design
          In the case of accidental fire or abnormal temperature rise that cause non-metal seat softened and damaged, under the action of spring load effect,  special designed seat support metal sealing surface and ball sphere will form metal-to-metal connection which makes a momentary sealing effect. it complies API6FA and API607 standard.When valve seat and valve stem seal system are damaged, you can inject sealing grease through injection valve for temporarily sealing.
          Stem Sealing System
          we use the two orings inside and outside the stem for sealing, which produces reliable performance
          Extended Stem
          According to installation and operation requirement, the valve stem can be lengthened. The ball valve with extended stem is particularly suitable for city gas pipeline buried-laying. Extended size according to customers' requirement.
          Neatly Operation
          Using the TEFLON valve seat and stem bearing with small friction coefficient and good self lubrication can greatly reduce the valve operating torque. Therefore, even if in the case of no grease, the valve operation is also very flexible.

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